Friday, August 11, 2006

World breastfeeding fortnight

I meant to post something about breastfeeding during World Breastfeeding Week but I just discovered it officially finished on 7 August. However I'm sure that it is in the spirit of the thing to extend it by a week to accommodate busy mothers (as if there was another kind).

I am proud to have continued breastfeeding through my battles with milk supply (for more detail read the third part of my birthstory here), proud to have breastfed my twins as long as it worked for all of us and proud that that turned out to be just around their third birthday. I also have to confess to being sneakily proud of having met my secret goal of breastfeeding longer than any of my sisters in law (i.e. over six months).

I am deeply, deeply grateful to my sister for donating milk so that H & K were exclusively breastmilk-fed for their first two weeks.

As a working mother I found breastfeeding particularly precious, at times it felt like the only still moments we had together. From when H & K were about a year old I breastfed twice a day, first thing when they got up and last thing before they went to bed.

3 Wishes for the Good Breastfeeding Fairy:
  1. May all women be able to comfortably breastfeed their babies as long as they choose (good fairies, I'm sure, understand that comfortably includes adequately).
  2. May pleasant, comfortable places be available to breastfeed in whenever needed (when designing parenting rooms they should have windows so you can watch the world, sofas so you can tandem feed twins and smell nice).
  3. May breastfeeding women be saved from embarassment, harassment and offputting looks.


susan said...

Funny thing lactation. I like the t-shirt that says "I make milk, what's your super-power."

I was at a stand-up comedy night the other night and one of the comics was asking why, as there is sheep and goat as well as cow cheese, there isn't human cheese.

I guess those poor people who've grown out of digesting cow's milk might well be able to enjoy human cheese.

JK said...

I just stumbled on your blog.... I look forward to reading more... I'm a breastfeeding Mom and have 3 little girls (all singletons) and one is still going at 27 months (she nursed through a pregnancy even...) I guess I'm a tandem nurser too... Anyway your posts are fun. I'll check back. Come on over if you want to my blog too. :-)