Saturday, August 11, 2007

Greener than I'm cabbage looking

Today I got my hair dyed green. A vibrant kelly green. I'm very pleased with it.

Why green?
  1. It is an strange personal joke about 'natural' hair colours.
  2. It will stop me applying for other jobs before I know what is happening at my work.
  3. It's one of my favourite colours and purple is too trad.
  4. I'm feeling rebellious.
  5. It will help me do some other things that are outside my comfort zone.
  6. I've been meaning to do it for years.
  7. My sister's hair hasn't been green.
  8. Our corporate colour wasn't radical enough.
  9. I thought it would make my complexion look less florid.
  10. It is a transition stage from white back to brown.


Dryn said...

11) It allows for ease of disguise when you try to blend amongst the trolls...

JeF said...

Wowza. What do H & K think?