Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We are the champions

Last week my Ultimate Frisbee team Happy Creature played Jason V's Team and they beat us by nearly 20 points. This week when I found out we were playing them again I felt demoralised. But we had a fabulous game. Everyone put in an astonishing effort. Our captain, SK, seemed to have an extra couple of feet of reach to call on. The final score was Jason V's Team 11, Happy Creature 7. Reducing the margin to 4 points feels like a great victory and if that wasn't enough their team named me female MVP.

I may have a BMI close to 40, run like a penguin with a face a beetroot would be proud of but today I am a sports star. I am expecting to be asked for celebrity endorsements any moment.


morgue said...

Hee! This post is *exactly* why I love playing team sports.


Karen said...

MVP = most violent player??

Susan Harper said...

My little sister! She was the Most Valuable Player (female)! I had sororial pride.

Karen said...

Oh... thanks Susan!