Tuesday, April 10, 2007

That parrot is definitely deceased

Warning: this post contains dark humour and gruesome visual images that may disturb some readers.

K is interested in death. This leads to disturbing questions that I try to answer honestly.

K (pointing to roast chicken): Is this chicken dead?
me: Yes.
K: When did it get dead?
This interest is spreading to H.

H: I want you to be my mummy until you're dead.
me: I will always be your mummy.
Their main overriding interest is still babies. Yesterday, for the first time, they put these interests together.
H (lying against the support for the swing): K, I'm a dead baby - can you come and wobble me.
K (pushes H): You wobbled. Dead babies don't wobble.
Fortunately they get diverted into a different game before I get asked the question I am dreading - 'Mum, do dead babies wobble?'

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