Sunday, April 29, 2007

All creatures great and small

As I sit in bed reading about whales (via here) and with Andy purring between my knees I start to think of all the other animals and their remnants in my bed.
  • dust mites
  • little spiders underneath
  • feathers in the duvet
  • a flea (or at least there was one a few nights ago before I treated Andy)
  • wool in my pillow
  • maybe borer
  • book mites
  • eyebrow mites and all the other tiny parasites Andy and I carry with us
  • scales from moths' wings
  • hairs and dead skin from everyone who has slept here
  • tiny parts of insects
  • countless bacteria in and on everything
Biodiversity starts at home.


RUTH said...

Given that I included parts of animals I really should have included animals that Andy and I had eaten recently. Andy's breakfast crunchies contained chicken by-product meal, pork fat and chicken liver flavour, and I had ham the previous night.

JK said...