Tuesday, May 01, 2007

In which I support Labour

A friend is in labour.

On TV no one is ever unclear about whether they are in labour, they never wobble in and out of labour indecisively over days and days or have contractions every evening for a week. This isn't what makes me rant at the screen, it is the way they nearly always give birth on their backs which really pisses me off.

For sane information about birthing positions you can check this out. If anyone wants to hear an irrational rant about it just let me know.


Karen said...

I gave birth on my hands and knees... at the time it seemedlike the only sane way to do it... if anyone had tried to make me lie on my back I might have hurt them.

Susan Harper said...

I too like to do it like Mary Mother of God; kneeling. Although I must admit that I had an urge to change position as I pushed Iris out, but goodness knows what to because I didn't manage, there just wasn't a pause to change in.

I had a rant about it to my midwife, "Surely no-one really, in these enlightened times, actually gives birth on their backs???!!!" she told me that people who have had epidurals can't usually do it any other way. Poor poor things.