Monday, May 21, 2007

Time flies off to school

I just got an email from the local school which says:
H_ and K_ are now on our list to start school next year. I will send you an information book and [the new entrant teacher] will contact you later in the year to arrange school visits. There will be 3 visits at different times in the day. If you wish to make an appointment with [the principal] and have a look around the school please contact us to arrange a time.

I feel shocked: How did my babies get to be so old? How did I get to be this person? Why am I surprised? What will I put in their lunch boxes?


Fionnaigh said...

Lunch boxes! What fun! My mum used send me off with vegemite and walnut sandwiches (my dad baked the bread) and celery sticks stuffed with creamcheese :)

.carla said...

My mum used to cut my sandwiches up into odd shapes like puzzles.

I think variety is important in school lunches. Even if that means some lunches are less appealing than others.

Susan Harper said...

Funny the things sex leads to; six years after a bonk you may find yourself receiving a school's reports on someone else.

Lunches: marmite and honey sandwiches of course.