Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I can see clearly now

Since I've started wearing reading glasses:
  • I am much more conscious of the bridge of my nose.
  • I am developing a whole new set mannerisms (like taking them off and waving them at people while I talk).
  • I keep being at meetings where everyone is wearing glasses.
  • All my friends have got wrinklier.


JK said...

I'm sorry your friends have aged .... :-)

.carla said...

Heh. I know someone who got glasses and was astonished to discover that the clouds had edges.

peppermint tea said...

When my sister got glasses, she was prompted to comment "The trees have leaves!" When asked what they were like before she said after some thought " feather dusters". I think she likes her fuzzy world.

china said...

*wrinkles at you*