Friday, May 18, 2007

Can I help you have your babies?

Reading the updates a friend blogged while she was in labour made me really realise how much I'd like to be a support person at a birth again.

So if you're pregnant in Wellington and would like another support person let me know. I'm experienced, knowledgeable and caring.

  • Support person for one home and one hospital birth.
  • Laboured for many hours and gave birth to twins via caesarian (my birth story is here).
  • Attended BirthWise antenatal classes (twice!)
  • Read avidly about pregnancy and birth while pregnant.
  • I believe that the role of a support person is to do whatever you choose in a respectful, steadfast and friendly way.
  • Labour and birth are one of the most intimate, physical, mental and spiritual things that we can experience.
  • Natural birth is the aim but a healthy mother and baby are far more important.
If you like to meet to chat about it let me know (ruthlessly at gmail dot com) and if you choose to invite me to be your support person I would be honoured.


Susan Harper said...

People, Ruth is a great support person, she would help. She helped me do most of these things.

Ruth, you should tell this desire to the current Birthwise classes and the Dominoes.

Fionnaigh said...

Unfortunately at this stage in my life I can only daydream about babies, and gush over the ones that belong to other people. But I bet you'd be a great support person...

I've just noticed that the only blogs I read regularly these days are the blogs of parents with young children. Yikes. Is it my age, or the pills I have to take that alter my hormones?