Monday, September 03, 2007

Hell fire

Last night we were happily eating pizza when we turned around to see flames a foot and a half tall in the kitchen. It seems the problem with buying pizzas from Hell is their desire for immolation.

It was all very dramatic but we managed to put the fire out without anything else catching and we even rescued the damp and slightly charred token from the pizza box. The only lasting impact is that one of the knobs on the stove is slightly melted.

It made me realise I cope better with emergencies when there are other people present I can boss around.

The most probable cause of the fire is that when D put the empty pizza box down on the stove top it was heavy enough to trigger the gas self-lighting mechanism and a spark caught but we haven't ruled out spontaneous combustion.


Susan Harper said...

Iris was just asking about Fire Drills for home today too.

jwq said...

Hellfire... but no damnation? I say we're being cheated!

Kirsty said...

Would you mind if i pulled you blog feed into my website please?