Sunday, November 04, 2007

The naked logophile

The best thing about facebook is Scrabulous which lets me play scrabble with friends on the other side of the world. We each play a move every day or so and the game slowly unfolds.

But I'm sick and I'm waiting for the other player(s) to move in all my games so I checked out "Join Table". I forgot the internet is for porn. I forgot Rule 34 of the internet: if you can imagine it there is porn of it.

So when I found:
Hara is requesting a Regular game using the English TWL dictionary.
Note: **LADIES ONLY** HAVE A WEBCAM? LET ME SEE YOUR BODY while we play scrabble, I have pictures of my thick hard [...] to share. Send a message when you accept so I know you read this.
I ended up in a giggling, coughing, wheezing, gasping, snorting fit.


JK said...

I am so impressed with Rule #34. I didn't know about it. Thank you for sharing! The porn scrabble game... Wow. :-)

I too would have ended up in the same kind of fit as you.

Susan Harper said...

But do you have a webcam?

RUTH said...

I don't have a webcam yet...

Karen said...

Just the body?