Tuesday, February 05, 2008

School is ruthless

H & K start school on Thursday. The last couple of days we've been practising getting up and walking to school on time. I am looking forward to them starting school but also apprehensive. I remember the social battlefield of the playground all to vividly. School taught me that I was uncool, unpopular and too smart. These are not the lessons I want my children to learn.

I do want them to learn the joy of academic success, make friends, develop independence and participate in our culture. Here's hoping.


Karen said...

I thought you were cool and that you were smarter than me was part of that (but that was college and I definitely wasn't the coolest popcicle in the freezer)

.carla said...

Oh! I hope it (has gone) well. I have heard reports that some people really liked school, but I can't say I was one of them. I am interested to know what difference having each other there makes.