Saturday, February 09, 2008

Tenuous links

I have been re-reading My Year of Meat by Ruth L. Ozeki. It is a good and interesting book although not recommended for anaemic, carnivorous Americans. It is both a good novel and an exposé of dangerous farming practices. Sometimes it becomes too much of a diatribe and its Japanese characters tend towards caricature.

It quotes from Sei Shonagon's Pillow Book, a blog-like diary written by a court lady in 10th century Japan. A fascinating glimpse of the past. In trying to find a good piece to quote I found this nice blog entry about it.

Which brings me to an unfinished list in the style of Sei Shonagon:
Things one should not put in the washing machine

A treasured watch inherited from ones grandmother.

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china said...

Heh. I'm bemused by the quote in that blog entry. That's what women are supposed to want? Not me. How long into a relationship is that supposed to last, I wonder.