Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wrongo, zombie lips!

For a few years I have been telling people that it is now legal to park on the wrong side of the road here (facing in the opposite direction to the flow of traffic). I thought I'd read something about a law change to this effect in the paper. I was wrong, it is still illegal and you can be ticketed for it.

Now I know that one of my failings as a human being is an overdeveloped attachment to being right, so I hereby give you, my gentle reader, a chance to tell me what I've got wrong and I'll 'fess up or at least try very hard to understand your point of view and agree to differ.

P.S. Does anyone know where the quote "Wrongo, zombie lips!" is from? Trusty Google is letting me down.


Mary said...

Our neighbour got ticketed for the park-on-the-wrong-side thing when he first moved in. I'm sure he still thinks that we dobbed him in (which is not true, but the more I deny it the more it sounds like I'm trying to cover up....).

Karen said...

I'm trying to think of a way to exploit this amnesty, but can only think of kiwifruit hairs, 6th toes and crooked heads...

RUTH said...

I hereby publicly admit:

It is not dangerous to eat unpeeled kiwifruit, the hairs will not become embedded in your tongue and require surgical removal. Ever.

Karen has never had polydactyly or torticollis. She was born with and continues to possess both the normal number of fingers and toes, furthermore her head is not on crooked.

I must also admit that I have teased Karen and taken advantage of her gullibility in many other ways over the last 23 or so years and I am deeply grateful that despite it all she remains my friend.

Susan Harper said...

I don't suppose that as the elder sib and therefore usually the more gulling I should really mention that I chose the blue only set of plastic pencils from Krazy Rick's and I owned the blue hairbrush first, but it might be a once in a lifetime opportunity and besides, the barbie-doll head cons are too complex to go into here.

RUTH said...

I hereby admit that I no longer have any recollection of which plastic pencils were originally mine. Although I do remember the blue hairbrush always being mine I freely acknowledge the fallibility of memory and it seems entirely possible that we both have equally clear and conflicting memories. So, I hereby confess that the blue pencils and hairbrush might well be yours.

Furthermore I have learnt from H the wisdom of realising which battles with your sister are important. I confess to being wrong for fighting this one, I should have saved my energy for the serious philosophical barbie-doll head issues.