Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Winter whining

Where have I been? What have I been doing? Well mostly I haven't been posting because D has commandeered my lovely little laptop and turned it into a thing that is plugged into a huge screen I can't sit far enough away from which makes a horrible high pitched whining noise. And we all had awful 'flu. And I have new lenses in my glasses and I think they are not quite right.

As we drove back from the library today H listed all the things she thought of in order from most to least liked:
  1. Mummy [:-)]
  2. lego
  3. Pony [Kay's new toy]
  4. star [??]
  5. doing sudoku with Daddy
  6. Big Pig
  7. Fimble [her buddy]
  8. pink
  9. chocolate [to eat]
  10. yellow
  11. purple
  12. indigo
  13. orange
  14. blue
  15. black
  16. grey
  17. brown
  18. clear
  19. ice cream
  20. bananas
  21. mosquitoes
  22. planes
  23. sun [because it makes her too hot]

1 comment:

Fionnaigh said...

Lol... cute! I'm suddenly remembering when I thought that "clear" had to be listed as a colour. Back when my favourite colour was "opalescent"!