Sunday, November 09, 2008

Now it's time for a change

The problem with democracy is that people who don't agree with me get to vote. I hope three years of a National/ACT government will show them the error of their ways.

10 good things about the election
  1. I live in a democracy where I have the right to vote, I can vote without intimidation, voting is easy, accessible and popular*, and I am confident that all votes are fairly counted.
  2. Winston Peters is finally out of parliament \o/
  3. I voted in H & K's classroom surrounded by their, and their classmates, art.
  4. There'll be at least two more Green MPs in parliament.
  5. A fairy queen and a fairy princess came with me to vote.
  6. I am now represented by an openly gay MP.
  7. The way the National party got in was by backing most changes Labour have introduced.
  8. I'm told there is a better quality of political comedy under right wing governments.
  9. MMP continues to encourage diversity in parliment. For the first time there will be a Sikh MP.
  10. I got to use a big fat orange pen.
* 78% turnout of registered voters.


china said...

Oh, cool about the turnout. For some reason, I thought I was quite low.

I am oscillating between moping and life-goes-on.

Karen said...

It was lower than last time I think... we sometimes get over 80% and this time it was a smidge under... also from our p.o.v. that 2% might have swung things a bit:-)