Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Creature feature

Yesterday I bravely played Ultimate in the league a for the first time. I am on the Happy Creatures team.

10 reasons why I'm a happy Happy Creature
  1. I played.
  2. I caught the disc sometimes. Once, I believe, when the other team threw it which is extra good.
  3. I threw the disc and someone else caught it at least once.
  4. The person I was marking usually found it hard to make the throw they wanted.
  5. I felt like I was in a sensible place quite a lot of the time and usually, when I wasn't, I knew what a sensible place would be (but wasn't fast enough to get there).
  6. The other Happy Creatures were welcoming.
  7. eloieli was a beam of positive support on the side lines.
  8. I am the proud owner of a golden yellow t-shirt with a smiling Cthulu head/octopus on it.
  9. H & K were given golden yellow t-shirts with smiling Cthulu heads/octopi on them.
  10. Only my left shoulder is slightly sore today.


Adrexia said...

Glad you had fun!
Will seemed to have enjoyed his first game too, which is good. :)

Usually it's not so windy, honest. ;)

china said...

Oh, awesome! \o/

Susan Harper said...

Yay Ruth!!

Matt said...


I thought you played really well. It was a tough game in tough conditions.

Welcome to the team :)

And our kids simply *love* their shirts. We We still haven't managed to get Judah out of his. I think I will have to creep into his room and take it off him when he sleeps (it really needs a wash).