Tuesday, October 23, 2007

K: "Why did you say 'munch munch munch munch munch'?"
me: "Because it is more fun to eat you than listen to you whine."
Sometimes my parenting surprises me.


JK said...

heh. Sometimes when the girls are driving me insane, I growl. Not mean, not loud, but it makes us all giggle. They get it. They say, look out, Mom will go all "grrr" on us if we don't. (Kind of like Angel/Angelus...)


Karen said...

Yeah tell me about it... I asm the parent I swore I would never be... at 7:30 this morning James had a full blown tanty because he couldn't have milo with marshmallows (so I thought okay then... this can work for me and netgotiated the hugest wee in the potty not his pull-up, for JUST ONE marshmallow in his milo... and he did it... and I gave it to him... I gave my child a sweetie to go to the potty... is that appalling or what?! It was a big wee though, and the 1st for weeks, though he was doing really well for a while...