Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Domestic Human

H & K have started school and I'm enjoying the luxury of not being on duty for kids or paid work during the school day. Instead I am busy catching up on a million things around the house. Last week I did mumble years of tax, this week I've been changing around H & K's room and wear their clothes are stored. I have weeks of house maintenance organisation, mending, sorting things out and emergency preparedness ahead. I'm enjoying having the house to ourselves after years of sharing it with a nanny.

Mother and housewife does not sit comfortably with me. I feel the need to justify myself, get D's approval and stress that it is only temporary. But it is fun!

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JK said...

wow.... I totally get your need for approval and the need to say it's temporary... Do you think I should try it?

I've honestly been thinking about it... I too don't know if I can be "housewife." Talk to me! Tell me everything.

What should I do?