Thursday, March 20, 2008

Holy Monday

On Monday I got a call from school - H had banged her head and could I come up and see her. I arrived to find a rather reduced H in the sick room with a bloody hat. It is always impressive how much head wounds bleed. She spent the rest of the school day colouring at D's work so as not to interfere with my busy schedule as an at-home mum.

H says she banged her head falling off a ladder in the play area. K says H fell of a handrail onto a concrete path (outside the play area). I'm slightly worried that the discrepancy might be caused by H blacking out but I think it much more likely that she was on the handrail and she knows that that is slightly naughty. My children tend to be over cautious so I try not to make a big fuss when they are brave enough to have accidents.

K was upset when I took H home. Being at school alone is hard when you're a twin. Then to further unsettle her her first baby tooth came out. It is a sign of maternal insanity that I am proud that my children are dentally precocious. First baby teeth at 5 months, first adult teeth at 5 years. D and I tooth fairied together.


Mary said...

News travels fast...Isabelle breathlessly informed me of K's escapades that day at home. Not the fall - the tooth!

Isabelle is convinced that she has multiple wiggly teeth. Given that I didn't lose any until seven, they may be "wiggly" for some time yet!

Susan Harper said...

"You know where you go in the school gate and there is the ramp path with a handrail on the left and a wall up to the playground on the right?" says Hazel, "well H was on the right, where the wall has stepping stones through a clearing, and she lost her balance and fell down to the path."

"I didn't see it happen, only K saw it and K rushed down to the bottom where she knew I was, even though she knew that she isn't supposed to go down to the bottom but she knew that her teacher had said it was all right to be just by the path."

"K came and found me and I came and saw H and went to get a duty teacher."

"Me and K and H and H's buddy went to the office and H got to sit in a room with a bed in the office".

I've heard that people who get their first teeth early or late also get their next teeth early or late.