Thursday, September 17, 2009

In character

M - Weary and long suffering Mum.
C - Sensitive and slightly melodramatic young Child.

1:30am a couple of nights ago.

Noises off - creak of door, pad of small feet belonging to Child.

C: Mu-um
M: Hngft
C: I can't sleep.
M: Do you need to go to the toilet?
C: Mmm.
M: Come on then.

C and M exit.

A long time passes.

Voices heard from outside door:

M: Time to go back to your bed.
C: I want to be in your bed.
M: I know, but you need to go back to your bed.
C: I won't be able to sleep in my bed.
M: Why won't you be able to sleep in your bed?
C: Sister is crying.
M: Why is she crying?
C: She says her ear hurts.

M's footsteps rushing upstairs to her other daughter who despite being stoic is whimpering pathetically in pain.

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Karen said...

Oh... poor sister... I have assigned identities in this story, but I could be wrong.

Between 1:50 and 2:20 this morning, T determinedly stood my bed every 5 mins, the 1st time i cuddled him and sang him 3 songs, the second I gave him pamol and sang a song, the 3rd time I put his music box on. After that I just took him back to bed. By the time he gave up and went to sleep, I couldn't!