Monday, September 07, 2009

True romance

The three most romantic things D has ever done:

Less than a year after D & I were married I went on a sea kayaking trip without him. On the first day, as I climbed out of the kayak in the surf, I felt my wedding ring slide off my icy finger into churning water. Everyone searched for it for hours but we didn't find it. That night I rang D and he said "I'll get my ring split in half." It was the perfect solution. I lost my original ring forever but I still have a ring from our wedding which I wear every day. Except when kayaking.

Two years ago D & I were getting ready for a wedding. I was getting dressed and he was ironing his favorite shirt. Then I came out of the bedroom and he gazed at me admiringly for so long he burnt his shirt. (I have blogged this story before, here).

A few weeks ago I was feeling self-conscious about my facial hair. I told D that I don't like it because it seems such a masculine thing. He said it isn't masculine, more matriarchal. Matriarchal I can handle.

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Karen said...

I love the dress story... D is sweet:-)