Sunday, February 25, 2007

I rule the blog

This post has spent a long time gestating, lurking in the darkness and slowly growing. It is finally ready to come out. So here you are Jenni - the guidelines I use for this blog:

Titles: My ideal title is a quirky, ambiguous misquote that relates to the post in more than one tangential way and creates a new snowclone. I often misquote songs but, because I have an abnormal inability to remember music, I can't actually remember what the song sounds like when I pick the title.

Language: Proudly New Zealand English. I think one of the great things about the internet is exposing people to other cultures and this is my culture. In this post I did a nifty definition thing for my readers but I've never bothered again.

Sensitivity: Nothing I really wouldn't want people to know about me in an job interview. Nothing that I wouldn't tell my colleagues if they asked. Nothing that my work would be too uncomfortable about. Exactly what I don't talk about here changes over time. You can email me about that stuff at ruthlessly at gmail dot com and I'll answer at my discretion.

Content: Whatever takes my fancy, particularly whimsical thoughts and events, also obsessions of the moment and things that I think ought to be out there for others to read. I enjoy expressing my own quirky sense of humour. It's my blog and it is all about me.

Audience: Aimed at friends and potential friends, random strangers welcome. I've discovered that the blogosphere is a great way to meet people who I have something in common with and explore that something.

Quality: This is something I've struggled with and I've settled on first draft. I'm a perfectionist and it bugs me when I find I've posted stuff with bad punctuation, spelling and typos but I try to remember if a thing is worth doing, it's worth doing badly. If an error bugs you let me know and I'll probably fix it.

Frequency: Varies with the demands of my life, 5 times a week is a very approximate aim and anything from once a week to once a day is fine.


JK said...

Good rules. Maybe I'll put all mine out there someday (when I get a chance)... Right now I have 3 more articles to look through and see if they are going to make it into a meta-analysis or not. First pass at them... Fun fun fun...

Jenni said...


Thanks Ruth, these are very sensible guidelines :)