Thursday, February 22, 2007

It takes two

I haven't been posting much lately. The hiatus has been because the two big things going on in my life for the last few weeks both needed care and confidentiality. Fortunately they are both over the difficult bit.

We have given our new nanny two weeks notice. In her first six weeks she has had nearly ten days off. I've never had to go through the process of dismissing someone before and it is really hard to do. Hard to balance her needs, H & K's and ours. Hard to be as fair and reasonable as possible. Hard to keep perspective. Hard to trust we will find someone better.

When I talk to people who are pregnant my standard advice is "The first few weeks with a new baby are impossible. No one copes, some of them just fake it better. If you make it through in two pieces you've succeeded."

Marriage is much easier than parenthood. It isn't impossible but sometimes it takes work. This has been one of those times. A time of "You said ..." "No, I said ...". A time when I have to put aside who is right and focus on the end game. Fortunately it's obvious it is worth it.


JK said...

I missed you. I am sorry it was a rough time.

JK said...

I think when I read this post the first time, I was just overwhelmed with all you had been through and giving your nanny notice didn't strike me as "firing her" (which is how you said it in the most recent post...) (DUH, call me slow!)... I think when I read the part in your post about your nanny, I was struck by the fact that she had had 10 days off.... That in and of itself would kill me.

Again I am sorry it was a rough time. Hope it's better. Hope the new nanny is wonderful.