Thursday, July 12, 2007

How to harasses the harassers

I'm feeling very pleased with myself for how I handled a situation at work:

Two of my male workmates, G and S, have an ongoing thing where they rib each other about each other's homophobia, for example calling each other pottle (because of the non-work safe definition here).

Recently someone made the text on a website we all use maroon. S and G talked about it and S said he "thought it was a bit gay". So G posted a comment which says "S thinks the Maroon is a bit gay".

I wasn't impressed. I didn't think it was an appropriate remark for the context. So I emailed S and G a link to this site which advertises a cure for homophobia. They both thought it was funny, got the point and changed the comment.

It now says "Scott thinks the Maroon is really lovely and it makes him feel all calm inside."

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