Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Of rats and cats

I had rats when I was flatting. It was a time I didn't want a cat because they don't like moving house, they live so long and I wasn't ready for the commitment.

Rats have lots of personality and occaisionally it is useful to have a pet that you put away when you're out.

The problems with rats are that they are a little bit smelly, they find it harder to communicate with humans than cats (they don't squeak to say "I'm thirsty and my water bottle isn't working" - a cat would meow and pester) and you have to deal with all their output.

One of the biggest adjustments between having cats and rats is that cats (especially Andy) are not very interested in most human food. Rats eat everything we do and many things we don't (like D's expensive speaker wire). Andy has never stolen a tea bag and hidden it under the sofa and he also doesn't clear up all the crumbs on the carpet.

Some day I intend to blog about my rats at length but today I'll just leave you with their epitaphs:
Tanith - best friend and rat

Trillian - her own rat


Jenni said...

Aw, I loved your rats. I liked the way Tanith would hide under my hair on the back of my necks and I like the tickly feeling her feet made when she walked across my tummy.

RUTH said...

Thanks for the memory.