Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Baby, baby

Everyone is pregnant. Actually I know three people at the just telling people stage, three at the stopping work stage and two in the middle. I haven't known so many people pregnant at once since I was too. Happily my gut reaction to all these pregnant people when I can never be pregnant again is pleased. I was prepared for semi-irrational jealously, avoidance and/or sadness. I'm never sure whether preparing for the worst case scenario is a good habit resulting in my expectations often being exceeded or excessively negative and paranoid.

Update: the next day - one baby out, one more pregnancy learnt of.

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JK said...

Yea, I know a lot of women who are pregnant too. I only am sad when I read a really good birth story. I had good births, but now I feel like I'm always going to be sitting around remembering the glory days of giving birth and never moving on.... (not true at all, but you I do like to talk about the experiences....) (I'm sure I will still like to talk about the experiences when I'm 90.)