Wednesday, November 15, 2006

In the little bumpy car

My ideal car for our current requirements is:
  1. automatic
  2. second hand
  3. a people-mover (comfortably seats 6 with room for baggage)
  4. environmentally friendly (e.g. a hybrid)
  5. painted metallic purple, colour-shifting purple/green or with a mural

Unfortunately environmentally friendly doesn't currently go with either second hand or a people-mover.

At the moment we have a Honda Odyssey people-mover and even though we mostly don't need the extra capacity sometimes it is wonderful. Someone on our street has got a Toyota Prius and I'd like to be as green as the Jones's.


RUTH said...

I found out that it is possible to buy second hand, hybrid, people-movers in NZ. Unfortunately they are Toyota Estimas which I don't like. Fortunately D says that if I can come up with a worthy cause to lend our current car to we can buy a normal sized hybrid. By this he means someone we know who a) needs a people-mover, b) is in some way deserving, and I would prefer c) currently has a car that is less environmentally friendly. Any suggestions?

(In case you're wondering D isn't very good at parting with cars. He likes to do it slowly, first lending the car out indefinately until he has, I think, stopped feeling an emotional attachment to it).

JK said...

Yea, our next car will be a hybrid. Probably to replace my husband's car. I doubt he'll be sentimental about his car when it's time to do it. We just have to finish the remodel before we can buy a new car!!!

JK said...

Oh... the one thing I'm sad about is that I have to give up a stick shift when I get a hybrid. I LOVE my stick shift!