Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Commit me

One of the concerns I had before my operation was that I'd get lazy afterwards and not get back into my exercise regime. This week I have been getting back into it fine but just to make sure I thought I'd put it in writing, post it in public and tattoo it on my forehead.

I will:
  • walk to work every weekday it isn't raining
  • aquajog most Tuesday mornings
  • go to Pilates at the gym on Thursdays (and do circuits if I miss the class)
  • go to Tai Chi on Mondays

Good thing I have a fringe.


susan said...

Did you aquajog this morning?

RUTH said...

I did.

RUTH said...

This week:
- Monday I walked to work and did Tai Chi
- Tuesday I aquajogged
- Wednesday it rained in the morning so I walked home instead
- Thursday our wonderful nanny was sick so I was running really late and didn't walk but did go to Pilates
- Today I thought it was raining (actually our house was just up in the clouds) and so I walked at lunchtime instead

Pretty good huh?

JK said...

good for you! I am having to take things easy because of my back. I am itching to go work out!!!! Do some for me please! I should look into a swimming/aqua aerobics class maybe as I take time to recover. Hmmmmm.