Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hold me tight

We have cable broadband. Right now I'm on hold on the phone logging a fault with the provider. The problem is that over the last few months the cable from the pole to our house has been mysteriously getting longer and longer. At first it just swayed in the wind, then it slapped against the telephone line and now it is getting tangled in the tree. It can't be good for it.

Possible explanations (to fill the time on hold):
  • there is a very heavy possum in the neighbourhood
  • a invisible spider spins some more each night
  • they made the cable out of knicker elastic by accident
  • the cable wants to be a swing
  • the call centre staff have been swinging on it hoping for my call

[and then a human being spoke to me again.]

1 comment:

JK said...

Do tell... Why was it so long?