Friday, March 23, 2007

Fairy ring

I just read a lovely post on beautiful monsters about fairies. K is very keen on fairies and the last couple of days she has been drawing lots and lots of fairies. H has been drawing some too. H drew a fairy - circle head with dots for eyes and nose and a huge smile, blob body with dot for tummy button, stick legs, small wings like handles on the body, no arms. (I'll scan it for you if I'm ever allowed to take it to work.)

H: "Mum, do real fairies have arms?"
me: "There aren't any real fairies. Fairies are just pretend."
H: "There are real fairies, the white things in the air."
me: "You're right, we call them fairies, there are real fairies."
H: "And real fairies don't have arms?"
me: "Yes, real fairies don't have arms."
H smirks and spins in delight.

That's my girl - logical, whimsical and pedantic.


Karen said...

Whimsical, logical and pedantic... now who does that remind me of? Is she bossy too? :-)

JK said...

what a combination... whimsical, logical and pedantic...


Mitch said...

How lovely, I love the way of thinking H has.

Fionnaigh said...

Cute :) When I was working with N she once painted a picture that I naively thought was a fairy because of the wings and pink petal dress. Actually it was "the funnly little wee green dude." He has an onion shaped head, and green sunglasses. And high heel boots. And breasts. And the bulky body-builder posed arms poking out of the puff sleeves...