Saturday, March 03, 2007

Youth before beauty

I was trying to sleep in this morning, a forlorn hope as the only adult in the house. At about 7:45 both girls climbed into my bed. After a bit the following conversation took place:

H: "I'm hungry." Pause. "Mummy?"
me: "Yes?"
H: "I'm hungry"
me: "Oh."
H: "Mummy?." Pause. "Mummy!"
me: "Yes?"
H holding up her pyjama top: "Look at my tummy. It's flat. It's not supposed to be flat. It's supposed to come out to here." H holds her hand a couple of centimeters out from her tummy. "It's flat because I'm sooo hungry."

She's right you know.


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Karen said...

Sometimes, when James has had a particularly big feed I wish I had taken before and after pics! The transformation can be quite remarkable! I am glad my belly doesn't reveal my moments of gluttony in quite such an immediate fashion!