Sunday, March 11, 2007

Out and about

Yesterday H, K and I went to the Gay and Lesbian Fair.

K went in a lavender fairy dress and H wore a muscle shirt that says "Sweetie". Most 4 year-old girls do camp without even trying, K has worn the fairy dress every waking moment she's allowed since she got it from the toy library last weekend and H picked out the "Sweetie" top without knowing where we were going.

I'd like to award a funniest T-shirt prize to my pregnant, lesbian friend C, who was wearing one like this:

So many different levels of dubious.

In other news H & K's daddy is back. Yay!


JK said...

Heh. Love the visual of the little ones. What'd you wear ;-)? Hopefully something as good as them!

JK said...

That is a great shirt btw!