Saturday, March 10, 2007

Can you smell the burning feathers?

In November our wonderful nanny gave us notice, in December she left, in January we employed a new nanny, in February we fired her, now it is March and our new new nanny starts on Monday.

Surprisingly my new nanny angst is less than usual. I am overjoyed to have hope of certainty going forward after two months of patching together childcare day by day. I'm thinking she has to be better than the last one. Her referees gave glowing verbal reports peppered with words like fantastic and awesome.

My expectations are taking wing and I fear they may suffer Icarus's fate.


JK said...

Here's hoping that high expectations are okay... I just wouldn't feel too smug. :-)

When I was younger, I loved mythology... I haven't read/thought about it for a while now, but your link to Icarus is giving me something to do as I am sick.

KAren said...

Day one has been and gone and went... is reality still okay (not that 1 day is much of a chance to shine).