Thursday, March 22, 2007

In which Sony are given brickbats and bouquets

Until last week I had a wee computer that I was very fond of. It was little, fast, wireless and copper.

It had a problem though. It was very picky about DVDs, particularly burnt DVDs from friends, particularly burnt DVDs from friends with TV shows that I am very keen to watch (Regenesis and Heroes to be precise).

So I took it into Sony on 2 March. I told them about its problem and they told me that it was the disks. So I took it into Sony on 5 March with two disks of different makes that both had the problem and showed them that they were OK on other computers but not mine and they told me to come back with the recovery disks. So I took it into Sony on 6 March with the recovery disks and they sent it up to Auckland.

I told Sony it must be back by 14 March for i to take away with her. They said OK.

I rang Sony in Auckland on 12 March and they hadn't even looked at it yet. Sony in Auckland rang me later that day and told me that it was a codec problem and I explained to them that the files can't copy (which it said on the job description). Sony in Auckland rang me on 13 March and told me it was the disks so I explained to them slowly in words of one syllable that the disks work elsewhere and that it is disks of different makes burnt by different people. Sony in Auckland rang me on 14 March and told me they would replace the DVD drive but they didn't promise that would fix the problem and they'd courier it back to Wellington to arrive on the 15th.

Note: 15 ≠ 14.

I talked to Sony in Auckland on 15 March and they told me there appeared to be a problem with the motherboard as well so they'd replace that and courier it down to me to arrive on the 16th. Then they rang me and told me that there appeared to be a problem with the hard disk drive and was it OK if I lost all my data? Go ahead I said. Just get it back, fixed, by the 16th.

Note: 16 ≠ 14 but I had some contingency built in to my original estimate.

Then they rang me to say that they were no longer sure what was wrong with it and they weren't sure when it would be fixed by. So I asked them to provide a replacement, either for i's trip or permanently and they said "I'm sorry but we can't do that".

So I went into Sony in Wellington full of the righteousness of the just and Sony in Wellington were lovely, understanding, calm and kind.

Until last week I had a wee computer that I was very fond of. It was little, fast, wireless and copper.

Now I have a new computer that I am very fond of it is little, wireless and copper. On the outside it looks just like my old computer but the windows have a new vista. The vista looks sexy and so far all the things I've tried on it work. I haven't had enough time with it to know how fast it is but i told me my computer "is being VERY good and super convenient!"

There is more to the saga of why I haven't been posting so much. The second part involves other computers which I am not fond enough of to tell you about and will now blow a raspberry at:


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Fionnaigh said...

Grrrr. My DVD drive needed replacing, and it was under warrantee, and Acer say they have a 3 day turnaround for repairs. Ha! So I dropped it off with Datacom who are the Wellington agents, and waited. And waited. And waited. And there were various conversations with Acer that I cannot be bothered reporting, and eventually I just talked to Datacom directly and ascertained that the new part had not arrived. In fact there wasn’t any certainty it had even been sent. But I waited and waited. And eventually (like 3 weeks later eventually) I said to Datacom, I need my computer, I’m taking it home and you can call me when the new drive arrives. So they did. THREE MONTHS LATER. How does it take 3 months to get a DVD drive from anywhere? Any now I don’t think it works properly but I can’t bear to admit it. (BTW Datacom Wellington were great to deal with, and when they finally got the part they installed it and had it back to me the next day).