Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fruit of my loins

Recent H & K snippets:

On Xmas Day I said that they could each take one new thing to bed with them for their nap. After careful consideration and deliberation K took her new toothbrush.

The worst curse they use is "I'm going to throw you in the rubbish." Sometimes I need to reassure them that I will never, ever throw them in the rubbish.

H is great at coming up with plans that meet everyone's different requirements. In the midst of a discussion about what we're going to do she'll pipe up and say "I've got a plan why don't we ..." and perfectly solve the problem.

K has a new book about fairies kidnapping a mortal. She asked me what a mortal was, and I explained that it is a normal person who isn't a fairy and that all the people she knows are mortals. She told adamantly that me she is not a mortal, everyone else may be mortal but she is a fairy.

Yesterday K wore her bikini bottoms over her trousers, so I think she may be a superhero rather than a fairy.

[P.S. I've added a picture to yesterday's post.]

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