Sunday, December 17, 2006

One good mum

I am a good parent because I:

Answer H & K's questions
Bear with the frustrations of parenthood
Choose their other carers carefully
Don't use corporal punishment
Express my love
Feed them healthy food
Give cuddles and kisses
Have boundaries
Instil good eating habits
Juggle all our needs with some success
Keep my temper
Laugh with them
Mean what I say
Never smoke
Only watch TV when they're in bed
Praise their efforts
Quickly respond to unsafe situations
Read bedtime stories
Stop and listen to what they have to say
Try to be fair
Understand the value of play
Value their interests
Want to be a good parent
X-rayed my own hands holding H's
Yearn for them to grow into happy adults
Zip up their pyjamas with love

Footnote: This post originally began with a question "Am I a good mum?" and listed points for and against. But I decided that I really don't acknowledge the positives enough and that's why the post ended up like this.

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