Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Is it me or is it you?

This is an update on my nanny search.

I interviewed three nannies: a not sufficiently child focussed one, a lovely sporty one and a possibly paranoid one. I thought the lovely sporty one would be a great influence on our children. So I got D to do a phone interview with her. After which he emailed me. His only comment was:

... she didn't sound like an axe-murderer. Did you know her boyfriend is from

Is it just me or does this seem a little lacking in information? (D is from Wainuiomata).

I found out we were both keen. So I tried to ring her. A number of times. I couldn't get hold of her. I started to think she was avoiding me. Yesterday she rang and spoke to K. She explained she'd mislaid her phone and was keen to talk to me. She seemed enthusiastic. I was very, very hopeful.

Last night I rang her. She told me she has accepted another job. I was too disappointed to even hear the reason she gave.

This morning I felt it was all my fault and I couldn't even get hold of D to talk to him about it. Now, thanks to I, s and finally talking to D, things are looking up a little.

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Christine said...

International communication can be so frustrating! R is in the UK and didn't reaslise he had to call the cell ph people in America before he left so his phone would work. so we had skype only in the office since th e hotel had no internet(!)
Then there's time zones
and people there who think its time for a meeting.
Maybe we should make them all stay at home!
Good luck with you nanny hunt.