Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Six geese a-laying updates

The nanny hunt is not going well. My nanny leaves us at the end of this week and I don't have a replacement yet. I have another interview planned for Wednesday night. Hopefully that will go well because all the agencies close down for a couple of weeks over Xmas. In fact the whole country closes down for a couple of weeks.

My operation didn't go quite as well as I hoped but the results are OK and heaps, heaps better than before. Coming off high doses of hormones has also been great, I've lost weight, stopped having headaches, stopped being randomly excessively hot (I'll save that for menopause) and been feeling generally happier and more resilient.

I'm still quite conscious of scarring from the chicken pox but no one else really notices and the worst ones are under my clothes.

I've been sticking to my excercise plan and enjoying it.

D is back and has no more trips planned although his work would like him to go again soon and he isn't very good at saying "No".

H and K are in rude health and enjoying the build up to Christmas.

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JK said...

Sorry the nanny hunt is difficult! I'd send over one of ours if I could.

So do you have to do anything else re: the operation? Or are you fairly good to go? Or do you wait and see? Sorry for all the questions.

I'm glad the worst ones are under the clothes. You are much more self aware of them than other people. No worries!

I'm glad you are sticking to your exercise plan. I love working out. I'm weird, I know it.

I hope D can learn to say NO. I'm trying.

Rude health... I'm taking it to mean not good.

Thanks for the great update!