Monday, December 11, 2006

'Tis the season to be irrational

I just don't get it. Why do people try and make their kids believe in Santa? Would they think that using the same logic to get them to believe in God was appropriate?

I do kind of get the people who tell their kids that Nana is now a star. I wouldn't do it but I understand the temptation.

But Santa? Really? Why??


JK said...

We're doing the Santa thing because it's everywhere. They are fascinated by it... I have some theories, based on development, about why there is a Santa and I will share them with you someday when I am not barely keeping my head above water (maybe next March?). I am fairly humbug (as you may have noticed on my blog), but the little girls love Christmas so that's what we're doing. More soon.

RUTH said...

I have no problem with Santa as a fictional figure that people dress up as. I just don't understand why some parents try and make there children believe in a "real" Santa with superpowers that gives them presents.

Karen said...

I also find the whole thing odd... my parents never seriously tried to convince us that 'Father Christmas' was real, and I can't remember ever seriously thinking he was, though we used to get joke presents from him (and once from Dr Who). I commented on this to a workmate who still wants her 6 year old(surely by 6 it is patently ridiculous?) to believe, and it is kind of "letting her be a child" thing... I guess its mild compared to other "letting children be children" things I have heard (apart from, obviously, protecting them from abuse, violence, porn and other unpleasant realities) such as not expecting them to do age-appropriate chores, allowing them to throw food and other things, lie, take things that aren't theirs... but it is still a lie, and one that often upsets children when they find they've been duped... J (2) thinks Santa is scary, and cries when approaching him is mentioned. I think this is not an unreasonable response!