Friday, October 06, 2006


My best beloved D (actually our children are equally beloved but I don't like the 'H' word) has been away on business for three weeks 14297 kilometers away, in America where they'd call it 8884 miles. (Thanks to for the distance calculator.)

Normally he has gone away for two weeks. The first week I enjoy the independence, control and self-sufficiency of being a solo-parent. The second week I ask myself a million times "how do solo-parents cope?". At least once our nanny arrives to find H, K and me sitting on the floor in the kitchen all in tears.

I feared that three weeks would be the first week followed by two weeks like the second. Actually the second week we got into some kind of swing of things which was neither as good as the first week nor as bad as second usually is. The third week has been as bad as the second week usually is with a bit more yelling and less tears.

He was due back on Monday but is coming back a day early. I can't wait.


susan said...

"My best beloved hat..."?
"My heartily beloved D..."?
"My best beloved hmgshid..."?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, perhaps you'll find yourself liking the H word, whatever it may be, in a day or two.

RUTH said...

The 'H' word I don't like is husband. Spouse is OK, partner is better but none of them are ideal.

JK said...

I'm so glad he's coming back a day early!

I like husband (as a word) MUCH better than hubby... That makes me cringe. Yea, I actually kind of like the word husband. I'm curious about what makes you dislike it. (Should that sentence end with a period or ?... Period me thinks...) (I guess I am implying that I would like to hear why you dislike the word. Will you share?)

RUTH said...

I generally prefer language that isn't gender specific and I also think husband has a lot of baggage with it (as does wife).
When we got married at the end the celebrant said "Let me present [or whatever it was] R and D, partners in marriage."