Monday, October 23, 2006

The great spam conspiracy

I understand that there is a lucrative market for erectile dysfunction drugs, I understand that people buy them cheaply off websites, but it seems absolutely improbable to me that anyone receives spam and thinks: "Ah, how helpful, just what I've been looking for, I'll order some now."

So if the purpose of the spam is not to directly sell drugs what is it? It could be to increase brand recognition and normalise the use of these drugs. If so it is the pharmeceutical companies who would profit from this. So deep in the bowels of Pfizer maybe there is someone saying "Mwah, ha, ha. Our dastardy plan is working. Crank the handle again Igor and send out another wave of those garbled esoteric messages."


Linda Wallace said...

Perhaps I hope pharmaceutical corporations are the ones sending erectile dysfunction spam; otherwise, upon reading the subject lines, we'd have to conclude the world is populated with morons.

JK said...

My favorite spam subject (to date)...

Want to buy almost free software?

At least they have logic right?

RUTH said...

My favourite spam:

Subj: human

Body: Are you?

Which I found endearing.