Sunday, October 01, 2006

Why'd ya do it she said

Advantages of being an office worker
  • The other people rarely cry and never lie on the floor, howling and kicking.
  • No one wants to watch me go to the toilet.
  • I can work, read, think or surf quietly without being interrupted for minutes and minutes.
  • I get lunch breaks.
  • I only have to deal with metaphorical excrement.
  • I have a boss to escalate that to.

(Warning - I felt the need to add to this but my sense of humour went on the blink.)

Advantages of being mum

  • I am greeted with paroxysms of joy.
  • The other people are fascinated by everything I do.
  • The important stuff is obvious and unavoidable. I am not tempted to procrasinate about wiping a bottom.
  • The other people are as fascinated by natural history as I am.
  • I am the boss.

Advantages of doing both

  • Variety - one of the things I found hardest about being an at home mum was that it never ends, you don't get Saturday or Sunday off, there is no sick leave or annual leave in the contract.
  • I take more pleasure in the time out - lunch breaks, walking to work, even catching the bus home.
  • I can talk about being a parent with colleagues I have little else in common with.
  • I get to have a nanny who keeps the household ticking over, does all our laundry and most of our dishes.
  • I don't think about work when I'm at home anymore.


JK said...

Amen about everything except the last thing... I always always am thinking about work. Maybe I think about it a little less, but it never ever ever goes away. I can't decide if I want a job where I don't think of it outside of work or not.

I work with a lot of people who work 'round the clock. I don't know how they do it. Some of them even have a kid or two. No one else I work with has 3. I'll have to muse about this on my blog soon.

susan said...

If I were in an office I'd be pretty pleased that the chances of anyone weeing on me or the floor was approaching zero, and if they did, cleaning it up would be not my problem.