Friday, October 20, 2006

Guilty pleasures

I haven't been posting because I have been away from an internet connection. D whisked me away to recover away from our children. That's right, we have left H, recovering from chicken pox, and K, about to come down with them, in the tender care of the wonderful W. The last couple of days we mooched around Martinborough and ate Schoc chocolates - the lapsang souchong is my favourite.

[Link to Schoc website to be added if they have one when I'm not on dial-up.

Later - Here is the link but you have to go through so much fluff to get to the chocolates that I'm not adding it without this warning.]


susan said...

One of my spies passed your house this morning and saw a woman and two little girls waving from the balcony to a man leaving in a truck. It looked very convincing but was obviously an advertisment for something because while the two little girls were the right ones the others were unknowns from central casting.

I had something to ask you but I've forgotten it. Oh, that's right; do you know an Andreas? Someone borrowed my pram (to film it) who's friends with Andreas and thought that Andreas was friends with me, or possibly my sister.

JK said...

I was worried about you, but I am so glad you are getting time away... and envious! (Did I mention envious?)