Tuesday, October 31, 2006


How to create a great look for halloween

  1. Do not get chicken pox as a kid
  2. Have kids
  3. Forget to get immunised
  4. Expose your kids to chicken pox in late September
  5. Wait

It is much better looking hideous on an appropriate date.

This year we set out to attract what H called Trickle Treaters. Our wonderful nanny made jack o'lantern cut outs for H & K to colour in which we stuck on the windows. H & K went up on the garage roof with their dad and called out excitedly to any children they saw. Then when the Trickle Treaters were clearly coming to our house H & K would rush downstairs to give them sweets. They loved it.

Before they went up on the garage roof I suggested they put some dress ups on over their pyjamas, K chose a lei and a fairy skirt. H, who has blue pyjamas with a picture of a crocodile, gave me a withering look and said "People will think I'm a crocodile."

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