Sunday, October 08, 2006

Literary genius

Today I got some of my birthday presents (my birthday is tomorrow). The best presents were books that H and K made for me with help from our nanny. This is the text although for the full effect you need to see the pictures.

H Sleeping
- a story for Mummy on her birthday from H, October 2006

H closes her eyes well

When it's time to wake up, [our nanny] comes in

When it's sleepy time I hop on the potty and I go to bed

When I'm asleep I don't think of any dreams

I take Little Mushroom to bed, but sometimes K gives me Bear so I have two buddies

Now I have a different kind of bed - I call it a bunk bed.

K Goes To Junglerama
- a story for Mummy on her birthday from K, October 2006

I tried to slide down the big slide

I go through the wobbly tunnel

Sometimes I float around and go silly in the ball pit

I like to be in the little house

How I get to the slide is I kept walking and walking and walking and walking and walking til I get there. Sometimes I disappear. Then I slide down very fast

When H gets lost I rescue her.

I'm so lucky.


JK said...

Very sweet!

Happy Birthday! Ask for lots of comments! :-)

I'll come give you some more soon.

susan said...

Wow. Nanny power!

china said...

I especially like the "walking and walking and walking and walking..." :-)