Sunday, January 21, 2007

Forget this post

I have a dark secret, I have a hobby so embarrassing that I rarely speak of it, I usually wait for others to mention it before coming out to them, I'm a gamer. Yesterday, for the first time, I participated in Kapcon, Wellington's annual role playing convention.

At Kapcon a friend said she felt like she didn't fit in and I said I felt like I did fit in but also had an entirely irrational sense of superiority. Then I remembered watching Heroes on Friday night and realised that the people at Kapcon looked just like the uncool group in an American sitcom high school, 10-20 years older and 0-100lbs fatter*.

The games were great fun and challenging. I smote evil, flew in the Tardis and connected terrifyingly easily with my inner bimbo.

*If you were there I'm sure you were out of the room when I made this unfair and possibly insulting generalisation. Feel free to say "speak for yourself" and point out that I am at the upper end of both these ranges.

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