Friday, January 26, 2007

Four movies and spoiler

I've been making it to lots of movies lately. Here are potted reviews of them:

Babel - Three stories: two which together make a gritty Hollywood movie with Brad Pitt and one that is out of the ordinary, powerful and great.

Casino Royale - Began with one of the greatest chases ever. Ended with me wishing that First Aid courses were compulsory for script writers. Fun, dark, Bond.

The Valet - Frivolous and funny.

Children of Men - A distopian dream. Deserves a cult following and a hearty recommendation.

Warning - the next bit contains major spoilers for Children of Men, if you are intending to see the movie read no further.

In Children of Men there is a scene where a woman carries her new baby, the first in the world for 18 years, through crowded corridors and a battle. As she walks through everyone pauses, some reach to touch, some drop to their knees, some just gape. There has been a miracle, everyone can hear it.

This is exactly how I felt when I'd just had my babies and after the births I've attended. There has been a miracle. The strange thing is that normally the world doesn't stop.


Karen said...

Yeah... but soetimes I STILL feel like that when I look at J... or your kids for that matter. When you think how many molecules have to combine in the correct configuration for each of us to exist at all it is pretty improbable really (but don't get me wrong, I still believe in natural selection)

I think I've read the book (by P.D. James, one of Mum's favourite authors, who normally writes crime novels)

JK said...

It is so amazing when babies are born... It's amazing and yet, an everyday thing. But to the family having the baby it's the most amazing thing EVER. As it's supposed to be. Our little ones are so helpless and require so much care. If we didn't think they were so incredibly cool, it might be a bad thing. (Says the person thinking a lot about development right now!) (We're getting ready to move into conception - birth in the class!)