Friday, January 12, 2007

Sing to me, dreamer

I went in, to H & K, over an hour after they went to bed and told them that they had to stay in their own beds, lie down and not talk.

Now they are singing.


JK said...

amThe devil is in the details... Heh... they are smart cookies. N and K do this to me (not necessarily singing but getting around what I said by just doing THE SPECIFIC of what I said...)

Once, we told N that she couldn't tape things to the windows or the walls... Okay...

The next day she GLUED things to the windows and walls.


Karen said...

Hmmm... a bright future in defence law, PR for dodgy corporations, or politics?(-: (though not sure if those are compatible with digger driving)

Karen said...

P.S. They are building a new glasshouse by our back carpark at work... by the time we leave creche in the afternoon, the carpark is almost empty giving us a grandstand view. The digger driver is aware of his audience... yesterday he twirled the digger for some other crecehe kids (to whose mother I recommended this treat, having partaken of it the day before), and stopped scraping and did some extra digging for J. He also waved to us. Pretty cool, huh?! I wonder what he'll do today.