Monday, January 08, 2007

One hundred posts of blogitude

This is my hundredth published post so I thought it was time to take stock.

I started blogging because I had the desire to put some of the things I said or wrote to individuals out there to the world at large. Things like this conversation I overheard about books, musings on the world, rants and whimsies. I've kept going because it gives me a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and only very rare pangs of guilt.

Here is a list of posts that are hanging around in draft, leave a comment to vote for what you'd like to read and I'll probably finish it:
  1. Wikifamily - written after wondering 'who else am I related to with an entry in Wikipedia?'
  2. Andy Knackstedt is my star - I come out as a fan girl
  3. There is method in their madness - a post about understanding what children do
  4. Two bobs each way - the joys of amateur hairdressing (possibly that says it all)
  5. H rules the world - the trouble with being lawful good
  6. Fitness vs fatness - PCOS, the obesity myth, etc
  7. Untitled - about the advantages of my physical limitations
  8. Untitled- [I rule the world] - the guidelines I have for this blog
Thanks to all my readers, especially those who comment and JK, a friend I never would have made without this.


Jenni said...

I vote for the entry about fitness vs fatness, method to children's madness and your guidelines for writing the blog.

I've been thinking about what I put out there online, and I'd be interested to see what your guidelines are.

JK said...

I vote for all of them, when you have time. No worries, 'cause blogging should not be a thing of stress. It is fun reading what you write.

I am glad I found your blog. There aren't that many science-minded women who are mommies/moms/mamas/mums who blog. I love it when I find them. (I just stumbled across a few more that I'll be sharing soon in my blog.)

(I think I stumbled on your because someone had come to me from your blog (via the next blog thing on blogger) and you were a link in my referrals on sitemeter and I had a moment to click. I am really glad I did.)

Congratulations, my friend, on 100 posts.

JK said...

P.S. I'm guessing the title is a Buffy-ism?

JK said...

I guess I should also say, it's a great title, even if it's not a Buffy-ism... :-)

RUTH said...

To the best of my knowledge the title is not a Buffy-ism. It, like many of my post titles, is a misquote of something. I read One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez a long time ago and remember little about it.

BTW re-reading this I realise that 'who else am I related to with an entry in Wikipedia?' is ambiguous, I am not in Wikipedia, but it was finding Francis Skinner in it which led me to the question.

morgue said...

I love your blog very much, and anticipate all the drafted posts.

May it have a happy and healthy second hundred public posts!